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Best Movie, Milan International FICTS Sports Festival


Outstanding Documentary, India Sports Movie Festival

Official Selection

  • San Francisco
  • Hot Docs - Toronto
  • Hot Springs
  • Cleveland
  • Austin
  • Atlanta
  • Urban World
  • Atlantic
  • Temecula

“Inspirational and rousing, it left me feeling the way you should after watching a good movie about running, like going for a run!” - Dean Karnazes, Ultramarathon Man

“It's pure inspiration every step of the way.” - Toronto Star

“Inspirational sports movies are hard to beat, and this doc is particularly potent.” - SF Bay Guardian

“Makes us laugh and tear up while watching.” - Contra Costa Times

“These kids are the real deal. Cheer them on.” - Andrew Stanton, Director, Wall-E

“Anyone who aspires to run a marathon will be motivated to take on the challenge.” - David Willey, Editor in chief Runner's World Magazine

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When teenagers from one of the nation’s toughest neighborhoods in Oakland, California sign up to train for a marathon, they begin the journey of a lifetime.

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